Refills FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When do orders get delivered?

A: We dispatch within 1-2 days for orders placed before 8pm. If you would prefer to be at home when your order is delivered, please let us know and we can arrange it.


Q: I live in an apartment, can you deliver to me?

A: Yes, we can. As long as there is a place for the order to be left, we can deliver.


Q: Are the bottles for my own use?  

A: The bottles we deliver in are for delivery purposes only. You can pour out the contents into your own bottles, or if you prefer, you can purchase bottles from us.


Q: I am not at home on the delivery day, where will you drop the items?

A: We drop at your door or at an assigned safe place that you can advise when ordering. You can also contact us after the order is placed to advise a safe place by...
or phone/WhatsApp: 07394 528088


Q: I forgot to leave the empties out, what can I do to return them?

A: We will ring the doorbell if you have empties to be picked up.


Q: Can I order other products from your website when ordering refills?

A: Yes, just place your order and check out as normal. We will deliver all items ordered with the refills.


Q: How do I cancel further orders?

A: As we do not run on subscriptions, there is nothing to cancel. If you simply wish to discontinue after ordering once, please let us know and we will pick up the empties.


Q: Do I need to be at home at the time of delivery?

A: You do not need to be at home. We will collect any empties left at the doorstep and leave your order for you. If you have a large order, we will ring the doorbell to be sure you don’t miss it.


Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: There is no minimum order for refills, a £1.50 delivery fee applies for orders below £10.


Q: Are you adequately insured to provide this service?

A: Yes we have public liability and product liability insurance coverage.


Q: What COVID measures do you follow?

A: All products are stored in a clean environment. All bottles and lids are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before refilling.


Q: Can you refill into my bottles?

A: As all orders are taken in advance, and for health and hygiene reasons, we only deliver in our own bottles.


Q: Can I return or exchange a refill?

A: We are unable to accept returns or exchanges of liquids. If you wish to return any other products that you have ordered at the same time, we will exchange it provided it is still in the original packaging and has not been used. Please see our Refund policy for further information.

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